Location: Cafe La Boheme, Los Angeles
Wedding Type: Modern

When you decide to get married, smack in the middle of Los Angeles, you go big and bold. You just do! That is exactly what Rob and Tara decided to do and their ceremony turned out absolutely gorgeous. 

Capped off by an intimate evening with close family and friends, Rob and Tara celebrated their nuptials and started their life together with more than a few surprises in store for their guests.

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Location: Malibu Lake Mountain Club, Agoura Hills
Wedding Type: Celebrity

When Alicia Lagano, star of the television show "The Client List", decided to marry her fiance Hector Rendon, the ceremony had all the star power and publicity befitting a major Hollywood premiere.

Featuring a beautiful bride in a gorgeous location, Alicia and Hector spent their special day in the company of family and friends, while there wedding ceremony quickly became the talk of the town. The event was featured in publication such as People and Us Weekly and spotlighted on Entertainment Tonight.

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Location: Oak Pines
Wedding Type: Traditional

Bride, groom, bride's maids, groom's men, check! All the trappings of a traditional wedding. A beautiful bride walking down the isle in front of friends and family, about to marry the love of her life. Brilliant, elegant and traditional.

Then the reception started. Straight laced and traditional went out the window for fun and good times. Definitely a reception no one will soon forget.

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Location: Sweet Pea Ranch, Upland Ca.
Wedding Type: Rustic/Country

Chad and Elizabeth had the idea to get married in what some would call a simple, "country", style of wedding. Featured in a gorgeous outdoor venue, complete with all the trimmings, the happy couple set out on a great start to their life together!

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Location: Malibu Beach, Malibu
Wedding Type: Beach

California is known for its miles of endless coastline, with Malibu having some of the most beautiful and scenic places in southern California. So when you've decided to have a wedding in California you head for the beach, ya just do.

Chad and Elizabeth had a wonderful sea-side ceremony, topped off by an intimate evening reception with friends and family. Does it get any better?

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