Our goal is to make our online booking as easy as possible for you. To book and get your session on our calendar we require a $150 holding fee and signed contract. To schedule your photoshoot CLICK HERE



HAIR AND MAKE UP TIP: You want to look like yourself!! Be sure hair and make up is very natural and a good representation of yourself or child



When booking a session with Shea Anne Studios you are agreeing to all our Policies, be sure to read carefully


We care about the safety of you and your child due to covid-19 all photoshoots will have guidelines such as, photoshoots will be outside unless stated, social distancing, photographer will remain a 6ft distant. If you need help choosing clothing prior to photoshoot please be sure to email me 72 hours before with photos of outfits and we can let you know what would be best. 



to protect myself and other clients from catching any sickness.  If you or your child has had any of these symptoms: cough , Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat , Loss of taste or smell, Diarrhea, Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit,  Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19.  You will need to reschedule your session.



A non refundable " holding fee"of $150 is required to reserve your session. This fee is applied to your shoot cost. The remaining balance is due day of session . We accept cash, and credit cards. 





We understand that things happen and you may have to reschedule. Make sure to book out the day of your photoshoot with your agency/ manager. Please give a 72 hour notification if something comes up. A 72 hour rescheduling is only allowed one time. Trying to reschedule more than once will result in a holding fee loss. Your holding fee must be used with in 60 days if canceled before 72 hours. Last minute reschedule requests and no shows will result in losing your holding fee. Please note that any specials that are purchased and need to be rescheduled will no longer be able to purchase that special, as specials are only on certain dates and locations. Holding fee may ONLY be used towards our regular priced sessions.



Cancellations or no shows will result in a forfeited holding fee



If you are late to your session, this will result in less shot time and images. If you are over 20 mins late this will be considered a no show and your holding fee will be forfeited.



Wardrobe is the client’s responsibility unless custom styling options are selected as an add on. We work with many stylists. Discussions on client provided wardrobe will take place prior to shooting, however the wardrobe chosen the day of is at the client’s discretion. Clothing decisions by client and photographer will not constitute ground for a reshoot. Some agencies require wardrobe approvals before hand. Please make sure to check in with your agent/ manager on this.



7-14 days after your session date, your private, on-line gallery of all proofs. I will also send the gallery to your agent or manager (if available). The gallery will remain active for 30 days. All images will be archived for 60 days. Once the gallery is closed, a $50.00 dollar fee will be charged to re-upload the files for an additional 30 days.



There are no refunds or reshoots. Sales are final. Shea Anne Studios guarantees all our work, in the event of a technical malfunction only, there will be a reshoot at no charge. Reshoots will not be granted based on dissatisfaction of wardrobe, child's unwillingness or behavior to take photos, make up and hair, style of images, wrong or missing looks.


After scheduling your headshot appointment, you still have some important decisions to make. One of the most important choices is deciding what you or your child will wear for their headshot photos. Your wardrobe can make or break your headshots, so this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Follow these wardrobe guidelines to ensure that your headshots showcase all your best features.

First let’s talk colors. The wrong colors can make your child look washed out or like they are glowing. With this is mind, be sure to stay away from white, pastels, baby colors, or any other colors that are super light. You will also want to avoid black, unless your child is specifically going for a bad/troubled kid type of role.

On the other hand, fun and vibrant colors are where it’s at! Stick to the jewel tones, such as turquoise, royal blue, dark purple, green, or red. Some other great color choices are yellow, navy, orange, or coral. Dark washed denim is also a safe bet.

Once you decide on a color, make sure it is a solid color. Patterns such as stripes, polka dots, gingham, hearts, etc. do NOT photograph well. If your child’s wardrobe is too busy, it will take away from their features. You also want to avoid any type of logos, brands, or graphics because they could be a conflict of interest for an agent or role. Overalls, bows, suits, and hats are a few other wardrobe choices that do not belong in a headshot photo. Collared shirts can be a good choice, as well as a button-up plaid shirt layered over a bright shirt. 

If your child is under 12 months old, be sure to make them look their age. In addition to the guidelines above, a baby boy should not be wearing a collared shirt. Baby girls (or non-walkers) should not wear a dress. Dresses tend to cover their entire legs and sometimes feet, causing them to look like a fabric sack with toes hanging out. Clients need to be able to see their bodies for sizing and fitting purposes. 

Regardless of what you choose for your child’s wardrobe, PLEASE be sure that it is steamed/ironed/dry-cleaned and stain-free. There is nothing worse that getting a headshot with wrinkled, stained, or otherwise messy clothing.

Now that you have chosen an outfit, let’s move on to accessories. When it comes to headshot photos, the best accessories are no accessories. This means no earrings, teething necklaces, gold chains, bracelets, or jewelry of any kind. 

How you style your child’s hair is also particularly important. For both boys and girls, stay away from hair gel. Gel and other hair products tend to look wet in photos, which just makes your child look sweaty. Casting directors and photographers need to see what they are working with, so hair should always be worn down and natural for the majority of the shoot. Boys should stay away from fauxhawks and mohawks, and girls should stay away from ponytails. An exception would be for a baby girl with a ton of hair. In that case, a small barrette or thin headband is acceptable for some of the photos.

Last, let’s talk about shoes. For babies up to the age of 12 months, and non-walkers, the best shoe choice is no shoes. Bare feet are best on babies. For all other ages, keep the shoes simple. Choose plain black shoes, or another neutral color such as navy or grey. Converse are great and are also great for auditions. Just like with the clothing, though, be sure that your child’s shoes are new or at least clean and new looking. 

Remember, when in doubt, keep it simple. If you follow these wardrobe guidelines, your child is sure to have classy, professional headshot photos to show agents and casting directors. 

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